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The "YES CLUB" stands for " Young Energetic Sydenamites."
My husband and I were privileged to join Sydenahm Shul last year August 2011 andwhat anamazing thing to be invited into the community with open arms.
We are SO PROUD to be apart of the shul!

The "YES CLUB" was invented to try and fill the gap of teenagers ages 13 and up-to have a place in the shul and have a Jewish Spiritual Home.
We have had a GREAT response! We thought that we would launch something different and inviting that teenagers would be attracted to.
Our Launch and first 'YES CLUB" friday night dinner was with singer and songwriter- Danny K- it was a beautiful success with amazing decor, a warm atmosphere and Jewish children came from different communities and different backrounds.

The Elk Hall was filled with just over 100 people and Rabbi Goldman launched the Club and people left with a feeling of togetherness and sense of belonging.

The 'YES CLUB" also has a weekly Shiur in our home on Wednesday nights with different topics which all the boys benefit from, with delicious sushi platters and soup being served.

Our next and biggest success which we are so grateful for is every Friday Night and shabbos day there is a minyan in the bayit with close to 50-60 youngesters alldepending. Theshabbos songsthat aresungare heart warming andthier is such a feeling of achdus-after the minyanthier is a delicious kiddish and all the youngsters shmooz and mingle together.

Thank G-d we are very grateful for the excellent response!

The last and most recent event was our"WHACKHEAD DINNER" on the 1st of June-close to 250 youngsters came together and filled the Seef Hall-the Decor was arranged by Eli Unterslak- different "WHACKEY HEADS" were placed on the tables just setting the tone of the night. When everyone sang "Shalom Aleichem" together it brought such a sense of pride for being Jewish- What a kiddush Hashem it was infront of Darren Simpson. A friday night filled with laughter and many leaving happy and inspired by Darrens story to success.

We hope to do many more successful events in the future and continuegetting a magnetic force to come back!


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