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Congratulations on your engagement. We hope your happiness will continue to grow and that you will lay the foundations for a beautiful home and family life.

Getting married is exciting. It also makes us nervous. The purpose of this Manual is, firstly, to relieve as many anxieties as possible concerning the routine mechanics of the wedding. It will also outline the reasons for the Jewish Marriage Traditions and discuss the symbolism of each. The more you are aware of these, the more meaningful and spiritually significant your wedding will be. By reading and following these guidelines carefully, the time you spend with your Rabbi will be quality time devoted to the more meaningful aspects of your marriage and your future.

Should you have any queries, the Shul office staff will be happy to advise you. If they are unable, the Rabbi will be pleased to assist.

It is our humble hope that this Marriage Manual will contribute to the physical and spiritual enhancement of your wedding. May you merit to build a beautiful Jewish Home together.


Click here to download our Marriage Manual.