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Women Only
My Jewish Mother's Top Ten List PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chana (Jenny) Weisberg   

Everything started off so nicely. A bunch of neighborhood mothers enjoying each other's company late one evening in my living room. All of our children sound asleep in their beds. A bowl of potato chips, a plate of chocolate wafers, and a pitcher of apple juice set out on the table. And then, before we even noticed it, our conversation took a sharp turn.

Fasten Your Mask PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sara Esther Crispe   

Fasten your own mask first, and only then help children or others.

We've all heard it. It comes right after the part about how to fasten your seatbelt. But every time that one line is said, I kind of skip a beat. The part about the emergency exit being possibly behind me or that my seat will double as a flotation device--fine. I keep reading my book. But the part about the oxygen masks always gets to me.

A Woman's Place in Torah PDF Print E-mail

The role of women in society is changing and now, more than ever, women are asking, "What is my place in Torah?", "Are there limits to the Torah subjects I should study?" The Lubavitcher Rebbe addresses these questions, drawing on eternally relevant Torah principles and applying them within the context of contemporary life.

When G-d told Moshe to prepare the Jews to receive the Torah, He commanded him, "This is what you shall say to the House of Yaakov and speak to the children of Israel."1 Our Sages explain that the "House of Yaakov" refers to Jewish women, and "the children of Israel," to the men;2 i.e., G-d told Moshe to approach the women first.