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The Ten Commandments of Marriage PDF Print E-mail
The concept of marriage does not apply only between men and women in Judaism; our entire relationship with our Creator is considered a marriage. Our wedding anniversary is the holiday of Shavuot, the day on which we received the Torah. And just as a marriage should be continually renewed, so too, each and every year, we once again relive the giving of the Torah, our marriage to G-d.
Love at Second Sight PDF Print E-mail
Why are so many marriages failures? And why do so many fail so soon after the wedding?

This week we read about the first shidduch in history. Abraham sends his trusted servant, Eliezer, to find a wife for his son Isaac. He returns with Rebeccah and they live happily ever after. The verse tells us “And (Isaac) took Rebeccah, she became his wife and he loved her.” So, it would appear that in the Biblical scenario, true love comes after marriage, not before. Before a marriage can take place there has to be a commonality between two people, shared values, mutual aspirations and, yes, certainly a degree of chemistry between them. But true love has to be nurtured over time.