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Written by Rabbi Yossy Goldman   
There are two opinions in the Talmud as to what we commemorate when we build our Sukkah. One, is that it recalls the Booths our ancestors built to shelter themselves from the burning desert sun after the Exodus from Egypt. The other, is that the Sukkah recalls not a physical shelter but the spiritual shelter provided by the Clouds of Glory, Hashemís protective cover that shielded them from many harmful effects.
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Written by Rabbi Yossy Goldman   
Iím a little confused. We are about to celebrate Shavuoth and Iím told it is the Season of the Giving of the Torah. But isnít there another Yom Tov when we celebrate with the Torah? Simchas Torah, right? So why are we celebrating twice? Why two Festivals to remember the same thing?

The answer is that on Simchas Torah we conclude our annual reading of the Torah. We end the Book of Devarim, Deuteronomy, and immediately begin anew the Book of Bereishis, Genesis. We have reason to rejoice at the achievements of the year gone by, so we celebrate.
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Written by Rabbi Yossy Goldman   
At Pesach Seders around the world, one of the items on the seder plate will be a simple hard boiled egg. †I would like to spend a moment on what we learn from this egg, how it truly encapsulates what Pesach is all about and what message it has for us today.

One of the reasons we have the egg at the seder is because it symbolises the beginning of life and Pesach marks the very beginning of our national existence. †But itís more exact than that. †The egg reflects the precise position of the Jewish people at the time of the Exodus from Egypt.